What Are Some Advantages of Closed-Loop BHO Extraction?

17 Nov

The extraction of THC has risen in popularity and mainstream acceptance since the legalization of marijuana at various levels across the United States. If you’ve recently developed an interest in THC extraction, you may be wondering how the process works and what you need to get started. Before you invest in any kind of BHO […]

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Adding Alfalfa Hay to Your Horse’s Diet

15 Sep

Alfalfa hay has long been used as feed for horses. As it is higher in calories than grass hays like Timothy and orchard, it is often added to the diets of horses who need to gain weight, are doing heavy work, or are nursing. However, there are some intricacies to keep in mind if you’re […]

Maintaining Your Well In Winter

23 Jan

Winter is a time when freezing temperatures and excess precipitation can affect the functionality of your well. Knowing how to care for your well at this time of year is critical. The following tips will help you prevent water, snow and ice from damaging your well in winter.  Ensure Your Fertilizer is Protected and Put […]

Creating A Kids’ Play Area In Your Yard

26 Sep

If you have a child, you know the importance in making sure they get enough daily exercise. One way to increase the amount of time they spend outdoors is to create an area in your yard that will entice them to play when they are at home. Here are a few tips you can use […]

Can’t Seem To Keep Enough Hay For Your Livestock? Feed Them Alfalfa Cubes Instead

25 Jun

When you have livestock, finding enough forage or hay that is of high quality can be a daunting task. If the weather was not conducive for growing, curing and storing hay, there may be a shortage of what you need. Oh, there may be enough hay in general, but the quality may not meet the […]

How To Know It Is Time To Call For Professional Tree Removal Or Trimming

5 Feb

As a homeowner, you have to make sure that everything from the house itself to your sidewalk is well maintained. This includes the trees in your yard. Therefore, it is important to know just when you should call for help. After all, trimming large trees or removing any size of tree is not something that […]

Rock Picking On The Farm: How To Recycle The Rocks You Pick

26 Jan

Every spring, farm families go out into the fields and pick rocks out of their farmland. The rocks have surfaced with the shifting, freezing and thawing of the earth. Until the rocks are removed, the farmers cannot plant their crops. Unfortunately, that also means they have to drop the rocks somewhere where they will no […]

Using Agriculture Drones To Remove Birds From Crops

14 Jan

If you own a farm or large parcel of land that you are using to harvest crops to be sold, you will want to do whatever you possibly can to keep your vegetation from being eaten by pests. Birds are one creature known for feasting upon many different types of crops including berries and seed […]

How To Get Garden-Fresh Vegetables All Winter Long

21 Nov

If you think that the advent of fall means you have to say goodbye to your garden-fresh vegetables, think again! Many winter vegetables thrive in cold weather and will help you create delicious homemade soups, stews, and other hearty meals all winter long. Read on to learn about five types of vegetables that should grow […]

Memorable Makeovers: The Benefits Of Restoring Old Tractors

29 Oct

Do you have memories of summer days on the farm and riding on the tractor with your dad or grandfather when you were a kid? You may recall the smell of fresh soil as you plowed the fields or the scent of freshly mowed hay on a July afternoon. You probably had a certain tractor […]