Memorable Makeovers: The Benefits Of Restoring Old Tractors

Posted on: 29 October 2014

Do you have memories of summer days on the farm and riding on the tractor with your dad or grandfather when you were a kid? You may recall the smell of fresh soil as you plowed the fields or the scent of freshly mowed hay on a July afternoon. You probably had a certain tractor you fell in love with, and simply seeing a picture of it can transport you back to those carefree days on the family farm. You can preserve those precious memories when you restore an old tractor that will be treasured for generations to come.

If you're lucky, the old tractor you're fond of still exists. If not, you can probably find a similar one at an auction or farm sale. Online yard sales and auctions are a good place to search for a specific tractor. With the purchase of some tractor parts, like from Unkefer Equipment, and a fresh paint job, you will be on your way to having a tractor as memorable as the one you learned to drive on the family farm.

A healthy hobby

Whether you grew up on a farm or grew up in the city and just love tractors, making an old tractor over is a great hobby that will bring you hours of fun and relaxation. It's also a hobby you can share with your children or other family members. Doing something you enjoy may lead to better mental health. It is believed that people who participate in hobbies are happier and experience less stress than those who don't.

A priceless gift

A restored tractor is a priceless gift for your dad or grandfather, if they're no longer able to farm, especially if you have the original tractor they used in their farming days. Asking them to assist you in the restoration can be a healthy outlet for them in their elderly years. It can give them a sense of purpose and direction.

What's the cost?

Tractor restoration can be expensive, but you can determine how much money you want to put into the project. Major restoration isn't a hobby for those on a tight budget, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue it. Replacing large amounts of sheet metal and rebuilding motors is costly. However, if the tractor still runs, you may be able to get away with a fresh coat of paint and a few inexpensive detailing pieces. You can also work on it gradually as your budget allows. The cost will also be determined by what you want the outcome to be. Do you want it to run good and look good? If appearance is the only thing that matters, your cost will be much lower.

Showing off your finished project

Tractor shows are popular events around the country. They're a fun way to show off your hard work and share it with others. You can win prizes at these events for best of show and best of class. Can you imagine how proud you'll feel seeing a ribbon hanging on your prized tractor? Most of these events include tractor parades, and all entrants can participate in them.  Some farming magazines have restored tractor sections where readers can submit photos for publication.

Restoring an old tractor has many benefits. It may even be good for your health. It's a great fit for any budget and provides you with the opportunity to attend tractor events to show off your finished project. Think of how proud you'll feel when you apply that final coat of fresh paint to your tractor. You may even catch a whiff of a hay field or the smell of freshly plowed dirt on a summer day.