Using Agriculture Drones To Remove Birds From Crops

Posted on: 14 January 2015

If you own a farm or large parcel of land that you are using to harvest crops to be sold, you will want to do whatever you possibly can to keep your vegetation from being eaten by pests. Birds are one creature known for feasting upon many different types of crops including berries and seed crops. Using an agriculture drone can help your farm by giving you information about which areas of your land is at risk as well as giving you the peace of mind that the drone itself will help scare away the pesky birds. Here is a summary about how an agriculture drone can help your own farm yield maximum growth.

The Big Picture

An agriculture drone can be programmed to fly above your property using GPS coordinates to guide it following a path according to your specifications. The information is put into a computer program and then uploaded into the drone to be followed. The drone will then take photographs from above your property to show you areas that may need some specialized help to reduce the amount of pests in the area. 

What You Will Learn

If you are going to purchase a drone to help keep pests away from your crops, you will need to analyze the information that is gathered during flight. You will be able to see areas where crops are not in as favorable condition as you would like, targeting them for better irrigation or pesticide application. When you see crops that look damaged, you may have found an area where birds are frequenting to have a snack.

Removing The Birds

Once you know which areas are at risk, you can use aggressive measures to remove the birds from your crops. The type of method you will use will depend on the kind of bird you are battling. Larger birds such as crows may leave the area if you place some strategic scarecrows in the area to frighten them away. Some crops will need to have chicken wire or other barriers put around them to keep smaller birds from pecking at the plants.

Using The Drone To Help

You can program your drone to help remove the birds, as well. If you have the drone fly over the affected area several times a day, you may be able to rid the area of the birds altogether. Birds will scatter when they are frightened and they might not return if the area feels like a threat.

There are agriculture drones for sale used specifically for bird infestations to scare them easily. These drones will have loud hawk-like squawking sounds emitted from the machine when it gets near the area with birds. They are also painted to look like a hawk, further scaring birds away.