Can't Seem To Keep Enough Hay For Your Livestock? Feed Them Alfalfa Cubes Instead

Posted on: 25 June 2015

When you have livestock, finding enough forage or hay that is of high quality can be a daunting task. If the weather was not conducive for growing, curing and storing hay, there may be a shortage of what you need. Oh, there may be enough hay in general, but the quality may not meet the nutritional needs of your animals. Changing from one grower to the next as one runs out is not a good idea either as it may cause digestive problems in some of the livestock due to quality changes. To ensure that your animals are getting all they need, try feeding alfalfa cubes instead of hay. Once you realize all the benefits, you may never go back to loose hay again.

What Are Alfalfa Cubes?

Alfalfa cubes are, quite simply, alfalfa that has been cut a bit shorter than normal and compressed. It is grown and cured under specific conditions to ensure the whole harvest maintains the same quality. The drying and cubing process keeps the moisture content to a minimum so there is very little chance of molding or rotting. In addition, the alfalfa is left at a length that is long enough to provide adequate roughage for the animals.

Benefits of Feeding Alfalfa cubes

In addition to the consistent quality found in alfalfa cubes, there are a number of other benefits to using them, including:

  • Less Waste – No matter where or how you feed loose hay, your animals are going to toss some of it around and trample it. When you feed cubes, there is very little loss. Feed it in a bucket or trough, the way you would if feeding grain, and even if a few hit the ground it is easily eaten as they browse a bit.
  • Storage – Alfalfa cubes take up less space of the same weight in a bale of hay. They also do not fall apart and make a mess. In addition, the fact they have less water content means you can store them for a longer time without the worry of a change in quality.
  • Easy to Feed – You can weigh a bucket of alfalfa cubes much easier than stuffing loose hay in a net to weigh it. This means you can know exactly how much each animal is being fed and that they are getting the nutrition they need.

If you find that some of your animals are having a bit of trouble adjusting to alfalfa cubes, try adding some water to the feed bucket. This will make the cubes a bit softer and easier to chew. Some animals will prefer this, while others won't care if they are soft or not. As with any change in feed, keep an eye on the animals to make sure they are adjusting well. Of course, with cubes you will get a better idea of how much each one is eating and can make adjustments where necessary.