3 Reasons To Purchase An Electric Tractor For Your Small Farm

Posted on: 25 August 2018

Farming will require that you invest in heavy-duty equipment in order to properly sow and reap your products. No matter what your farm grows, you will need to take care of most agricultural farms in largely the same manner. This includes plowing equipment, cultivators, and tractors. Tractors will be one of the main modes of working and transportation around a farm. Having a tractor will allow you to clear fields, plant, and haul other equipment. For this reason, investing in a good tractor is a necessity. If you have a farm that you want to make as clean and natural as possible, you should consider an electric tractor. Here are three reasons to invest in an electric tractor. 

1. Less pollution from gas on your farm

One of the negative appeals of a gas-powered tractor is that you will have to deal with the pollution from gas. Gas-powered vehicles produce emissions which can cause damage to the environment over the course of time. If you are raising crops, it is especially important that you keep the air and soil as clean as possible in order to produce healthy crops. An electric tractor will skip the issue of the CO2 emissions and keep your farm without extra pollution. 

2. Fewer fire hazards

There are a lot of fire hazards that can happen on farms, especially when you have a lot of trees, hay, roots, and other easily flammable items on the property. Storing gas for the tractors is just one more fire hazard, and it can be a large one. Storing gas cans in a space where they can be exposed to flames, batteries that heat up, or fire, can spell disaster for your farm. With an electric tractor, you only have to recharge the battery, which removes the need for fire and fire hazards. 

3. No fluctuation costs

Gas can go up and down in cost depending on the season and the political climate. If you have a gas-powered tractor, it is common for your gas costs to fluctuate from month to month. For small farmers, not being able to budget will become an issue when you are calculating profit margins. Instead of having to purchase gas on a regular basis, you will be able to budget via electricity. If your farm's electric bills are a write-off, this will provide further ease to your budget which can keep your small farm in business. 

For more information on finding a tractor for sale, contact your local equipment dealer.